The Model of La Galga

The Assateague galleon

The model of La Galga

The model builder

Bill Bane, former UDT, Salvage, and Navy SEAL

Wilson M. “Bill” Bane, one of the team members who discovered La Galga, undertook a two year project (2005-2007) to build a model of La Galga. Using a survey report of La Galga found in the Spanish archives which gave all of her important dimensions including mast height, an 18th century drawing of a similar Spanish ship and actual plans of a British warship of the period, Bill was able to reconstruct what the 56 gun warship La Galga looked like. The Assateague galleon can now be more fully appreciated.

Bill has been a craftsman and nautical enthusiast all of his life. He entered the Navy at age seventeen at the end of World War II and became a member of the Underwater Demolition Team and a salvage diver. After the war he became one of the first Navy SEALs and helped develop the science of deep diving and mixed gases. In 1962, he was pulled into the CIA where he remained until he retired and then moved to Ocean City, Maryland, where he operated the Bayside Boatel.

His son Chip was also a member of the team and drew a cross section of La Galga that was published in The Hidden Galleon.

The legendary Assateague galleon

The Cross Section of La Galga by Chip Bane


The Assateague galleon

The bow and stern of the model

The Assateague Galleon

Bill has built many ship models, but another one that stands out is a model of the Black Pearl, the ship made famous in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. It is ironic that the Black Pearl is connected historically to La Galga. Pirates of the Caribbean owes its existence to Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island. Stevenson in turn was inspired by the true story of buried treasure that came from the history of the 1750 fleet


The Black Pearl and La Galga share a common history

The model of the Black Pearl built by Bill Bane