Nuestra Senora de Mercedes

Nuestra Señora de Mercedes was a vessel similar to a brig, called in Spanish a zumaca. The Mercedes was part of the King’s fleet and departed Spain in early 1750 for the West Indies. While she was in Havana, she was selected to carry cargo that would not fit on La Galga. Sixty-nine mahogany planks destined for the King’s palace building in Madrid were loaded in Havana along with other goods from the Royal Treasury.

On her last voyage which began August 18, 1750, her captain was Juan Garcia Barrosa.

During the hurricane she lost her rudder, bowsprit, and launch. The Mercedes ultimately drove ashore on the Eastern Shore of Virginia about fifteen miles north of Cape Charles. The crew were safe and the hull of the Mercedes was set on fire. Little was salvaged. The locals auctioned off their plunder and realized only £12. The captain and crew were ferried over to Norfolk where they joined with the crew of La Galga and later returned to Spain.